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Creativity. Collaboration. Communication. We share these values among ourselves and with our clients. Our articulation of them will lead us to new challenges and future successes.

Collection Design 100%
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About Our Company

Our company is a seasoned team of dedicated designers, pattern, sample makers and strategists; compelled to help guide clients down the right path. Through key research and analysis, innovative ideas, and cohesive design, we help organizations build, refresh design programs and lifestyle experiences that generate business.


Our Services

IF offers consulting services for large, start-up and developing brands. Our goal is to usher your brand towards industry standard integration/practices to ensure maximization of your brands potential.



IF offers consulting services for large, start-up and developing brands. Our goal is to usher your brand towards industry standard integration/practices to ensure maximization of your brands potential.

What We Offer:

  • Design through sampling and production architecture
  • Design team building and management strategies
  • PLM and Web PDM integration
  • Fabric and trim development package building strategies and practices
  • PLC Calendar building and management

Our consulting services are built around individual client needs. It’s our goal to provide you with only the best resources and product options that are targeted for your immediate needs. We also stress building a long-term goals plan.

Collection Design:

IF creative direction will offer full collection design services for interested clients looking to renew or create cohesive brand. Creative Director Kentel Styles has over ten years experience designing for major and emerging labels. See Kentel’s bio for more insight on his experience.

What We Offer:

  • Mood board and creative direction for collections and capsule lines
  • CAD and hand sketching
  • CAD presentations and merchandising spreads
  • All digital files available in clients preferred format *
  • Color direction and Pantone compliment resources
  • Prints, patterns and graphic design services
  • Yarn dyes, knits and sweaters *

Creative Direction:

The creative direction process involves managing the blue-print, PLC calendar and merchandising support of the entire collection and its overall cohesiveness. We take special care to ensure that the DNA of the brand is communicated throughout.

What We Offer:

  • Blue-print creation for desired categories
  • Color story development and insight based on the most current and emerging industry trends
  • Provide consistent vision through products, editorials, concepts, and other outlets
  • Provide resources to go from concept through to production
  • Ensure design, detailing and embellishment is consistent with established price points and placement

Sampling & Production Resources:

IF Has built strong relationships over the years with mills, fabric and trim suppliers in addition to sampling and production resources.  Our reach encompasses both foreign and domestic opportunities. We can support your business on small to larger sampling and production sourcing while consulting and or managing your development *1.

Our team has the expertise and ability to get your brand through that initial or repositioning phase through to production. We do this all without adding to your overhead or current human resources expenditures by staying a nimble team adaptable to your most immediate or long term needs.

Categories & Cloth

  • Functional and tech-infused fabrics and trims
  • Cut & Sew Knits[ tops and bottoms ]
  • Wovens [ tops and bottoms ]
  • Outerwear
  • Tailored
  • Leather

Areas of Expertise

  • Asia
  • Peru
  • NYC
  • Chicago
  • India
  • Italy

*1 – minimums required on all sampling and production orders


Tech Packs:

The tech pack is one of the most instrumental tools in communicating the desired details to your factory or sample room. We carefully analyze the needs and depth of detail for your design plans and build a detailed format suited for your immediate or long term needs. We also advise on the best practices for establishing fit and testing

What we offer:
Tech packs are built in the following formats based on preference( X-Cel, Adobe Illustrator)
Capturing of specs for protos and market samples and full grading for market production

MTM & Bespoke Services:

IF was originally rooted in MTM and bespoke since inception. For exclusive clients we offer the highest standard MTM and Bespoke services for the following:

Mens MTM:

  • Suits and separates
  • Woven Shirts
  • Outerwear


  • Suits and Separates( Jacket, pants, vests )
Our Clients

From large established to emerging and developing brands they all benefit from our unique combination of creativity, expertise, service and value.

  • Jack Spade
  • Elie Tahari, Tahari
  • Tumi
  • Kangol
  • Nat Nast Clothing Company
  • London Fog
  • Airwalk
  • Beverly Hills Polo Club
  • Sean John
  • Luna-C Clothing Company
  • Express
  • Pilko America
  • Jaguar / Land Rover
  • Lamborghini
  • The Apparel Group, Ltd.
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